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Teachers-Our Unsung Heroes

Teachers, Create The Future Our Quiet Unsung Heroes

Dr. Shawn and the entire staff of Shawn Eckstrom DDS are honored to serve this extraordinary community providing your dental care in Eugene, OR. As a matter of fact, speaking in global terms, we enjoy the luxury of being a modest sized community here in the beautiful Willamette Valley. However, make no mistake, even though we’re not a Portland sized city, our dental practice provides world class state of the art care that is second to none. You have discovered the practice to provide the treatment you want, the care you can trust.  It’s a very good feeling to actually be able to relax about your dentist.

He believes that you deserve only the highest quality procedures available in the world today. He feels it’s his sworn duty as your doctor to diagnose and recommend the very best treatment possible for your health. He’s is leading every single advancement, state of the art, second to none, dental improvement and invention. Your oral health has a huge impact on your overall health and Dr. Shawn makes sure you are cared for.

But, there is something else that is extremely important to D. Eckstrom. He  believes it follows right after that 1st responsibility of recommending and providing your perfect care. Listening to people comes immediately in second place. Patients aren’t just patients only to be treated by a distant, on a pedestal, know it all doctor. It’s important to listen to the concerns of our people. A good physician listens carefully to what his patients have to say, for a number of very good reasons.

It’s Dr. Shawn’s first duty to find out what the problems are for new patients to make a treatment plan, but there’s often more involved than that. Many people have fears and concerns about dentistry that are very important. Every one deserves good communication of what to expect and should be told what is going on before treatment and also what is happening during the procedure.

Many people are quite nervous even hearing the D word & are so relieved to finally be able to relax.

Downtown Eugene OROur patients all discover that we make it a big point to soothe any concerns and relieve any fears caused by past traumas. We will not tolerate the idea of our patients having to experience pain. It is not necessary. We think it’s vital to treat any anxiety caused by any previous trauma and take care to respect our patients feelings. You do not have to be embarrassed to tell us you may be nervous.

We think it’s essential to treat anyone who has anxiety with the respect they deserve. We believe if we do our job with care for your concerns that we can give you the confidence to finally be able to trust your dentist. Your oral health is too important for your health in general to ever be neglected because of dread or anxiety.

That is why you are going to love our staff. They are all carefully chosen because they love what they do, they’re the top pros and they have that extra special magic of knowing how to make people feel good.

If you haven’t already had the pleasure, definitely take a look at our “Meet the Team”  page and and get a feel for an incredible group of people. Give us a call, make your appointment and find out that now you have no more worries, about your dentist in Eugene, Oregon. Call us Now. (541) 234-3444

Coming Soon-Dr. Shawns EasyDentalCare Book Wil Be Available for You Free Download

Coming Soon: Easy Dental Care by Shawn Eckstrom will be available to you for free. Let’s make Dental Care Easy. This is a great reference guide to dental care and treatments. Dr. Shawn hopes to help as many people as possible to make their dental care… 100% preventative. There is a short chapter that will make your dental care easy forever. Actually there is one tip, that seems to always go unmentioned, which is shocking. The easiest, common sense, after meal practice, that literally takes seconds, and has nothing to do with a toothbrush.

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